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This is the second gif someone sent me today. The first was of Leo DiCaprio crawling on the floor, wearing sweatpants, and trying to get in a lambo while on quaaludes. I stared into this black hole and thought “I really hope I’m ready to commit to just one person”. I HAVE been committing to God. Trust, standing in front of an infinity mirror, wearing an infinity scarf, with keys to my Mother’s Infinity. Two people died today in Portugal because they went to the shore to look at a tidal wave. I wasn’t mad at them, let them die/let them live.

GIF by Fedé Reano
words by @Cultdays

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Antonio y su charango

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Antonio’s got the troubadour thing down. I met him in Peru. A  high quality human.

He let me shoot some footage of him playing his charango while we walked through camp. I hope I can go to Antonio’s house in France and eat from his garden one day that would be baller. The song he’s singing is from Bolivia, it’s about saying farewell…

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Don Enriqué Lopez: Noya Rao Icaro

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Don Enriqué Lopez is the curandero with whom I spent much of the past year learning about the plant-based healing tradition of his tribe, the Shipibo. There’s a lot of info already out there about ayahuasca shamanism, and the Shipibo people in particular have distinguished themselves amongst the 75 or so indigenous Amazonian tribes who work with ayahuasca. I’ll skip the extensive history lesson and briefly explain what is happening in this video.

Don Enriqué is singing an icaro about a very, very rare and powerful tree called Noya Rao. Within Shipibo cosmology, Noya Rao is considered to be the most powerful of all amazonian plants, and was long believed to be extinct due to the effects of colonialism/development in the amazon basin. Supposedly, many curanderos spent decades in search of this tree as it is believed that dieting (read about the concept of “dieting” here) with it  would grant amazing curative ability and a high-speed broadband link with extraterrestrials who could fly you straight to God’s galactic university of advanced magic (i’m paraphrasing). Finding this tree became so rare that most curandero’s have relegated it to the realm of myth and legend. Enriqué once shared a story about how back in the day, ayahuasqueros dieted with the tree for 15 years and learned to physically fly. The point is, Shipibo place a lot of faith in this particular plant; it is the queen of all plants in a healing tradition which revolves around plant intelligence.

Well, unbeknownst to Enriqué when he purchased the land, there are multiple, fully mature Noya Rao trees on his property. For a Shipibo curandero, that’s like winning cosmic Powerball. I’ve dieted with Noya Rao multiple times now and though I have my opinions about the ayahuasca scene (and my participation in it), I did engage in what I believe were telepathic communications with the intelligence of this tree. Also, this tree’s leaves are bioluminescent when they fall to the ground. When you go there at night, it’s like you’re standing in this glowing jungle monastery and the whole scene evokes a very tangible feeling of sacredness which goes a long way to inspire your faith. I do of course realize this little scene lends itself nicely to every visiting gringo’s secret desire to be an extra in the Avatar movie. Whatever. I love Noya Rao.

So yeah, I’m happy that I caught this little snippet on camera. By Enriqué’s standards it is a relatively gentle little lullaby (his icaros in ceremony can be extremely high-power), but it still manages to capture a bit of the Don’s uncanny magic and his devotion to this mysterious plant.



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Don Enriqué Lopez: Extraterrestrials and UFOs

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Any of you who know me personally have certainly by now heard me rant about the UFO experiences I’ve had in Peru. If you do not know me personally, I’ll summarize: Over the course of 2012-2013, I travelled three times to the Amazon jungle to drink ayahuasca with a curandero by the name of Don Enriqué Lopez. On three separate occasions, I have heard/sensed/seen spaceships in the immediate vicinity of the ceremonial hut (maloka) where the ceremonies were conducted.

What I found most miraculous/disturbing about these UFOs was that I experienced them as being very tangibly present and separate from the usual closed-eye hallucinating I had become accustomed to on ayahuasca. In previous experiences, I’d met and conversed with many types of beings in visionary space, some of whom described themselves as extraterrestrials from other planets. Those were paradigm shattering experiences. I came away believing in the objective existence of these beings/spirits as separate from my own conscious perception of them. However, I did have all of those experiences with my eyes closed and if I chose to open my eyes, that would (usually, not always) cancel the experience/vision I was having. Visions seem to be confined to my interior world.

The UFOs  were another level of astonishment for me. Mostly because of their very convincing intrusion into 3-dimensional reality. On all three occasions, I experienced them with my eyes open.  They were accompanied by a very powerful droning/vibrating noise that would slowly emerge from what seemed like very far away, gradually increasing in volume until they were parked right behind me. A kind of cocoon of deep, loud droning/energy would envelop my body as I sat there trying to accept the experience and remain present. Visually they weren’t much, displacing the air like the the alien’s camouflage in Predator and flashing lights occasionally. No, it was that sound and the feeling of their physical proximity to my body that would freeze me in place like some gravity field. The experience escapes my desperate attempts to describe it.

Especially unnerving was the fact that they would sometimes appear well past the point where I was high enough to even have visions (Any of you who’ve had a strong psychedelic experience are familiar with the usually trajectory, there is usually a good 2-4 hour window where you are sufficiently blasted enough to have visions followed by an equally long come-down which is mildly euphoric but (mostly) no longer powerful enough to hallucinate.) On top of their frequently tardy arrival in my ceremonies, my experiences of the UFOs were always later corroborated by multiple people besides myself, and some of those people did not drink ayahuasca. To further complicate matters, only some people sensed the UFOs while others had no clue what I was talking about.

During my last ceremony with Enriqué on November 3rd 2013, I spent almost a full two hours off and on in the presence of a spaceship. It parked right behind me outside the maloka and stayed there droning and vibrating, fading in and out of perceptibility. Sometimes so loud it competed with the people singing. If nothing else, it made me painfully aware of exactly how inadequate my maps of reality are. And I like that feelingI think there’s great merit in being so powerfully reminded of how mysterious life is. It keeps my ego in check and erodes my faith in the standard narrative of reality.

So back to this video. I recorded it on my second trip to Enriqué’s camp in June 2013. I managed to get him to agree to a short interview. At the time, I had only had one experience with the UFOs, and my spanish was shit, but I was very curious as to what he thought about the matter. Turns out, Enriqué is long past occasionally experiencing UFOs, because, you see, he is too busy flying his own personal UFOs and would prefer to explain to me just how difficult it is to achieve this. Not only that, but in his worldview, one of the keys to your success as a curandero is to master spaceflight in your personal UFO. In light of my experiences there, it’s difficult not to take him at his word. I love his matter of fact tone as he turns consensus reality to swiss cheese. Enjoy.


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